Table 2

Anatomical details of aneurysm

Details of aneurysmN (%)
Cause of aneurysm—atherosclerosis421 (91.7)
Arteries involved (/patient number)
 Left anterior descending186 (40.5)
 Right coronary artery134 (29.2)
 Left circumflex artery129 (28.1)
 Left main artery28 (6.1)
 Saphenous vein graft19 (4.1)
Mean size of aneurysm (mm)6.0±0.3
Mean size of reference artery (mm)2.8±0.8
Mean aneurysm/reference artery ratio2.2±1.1
Anomalous artery congenital aneurysm1 (0.2)
Giant aneurysms2 (0.4)
Total no of aneurysms identified505 (100)
  • Data are presented as count (%) or mean±SD.