Table 2

Heart rate variability parameters of amateur athletes: a 10-year follow-up

FU (2018)B (2008)
RR, ms1069.67±155.87856.07±141.02*930.31±194.69†765.90±192.34*
σ2RR, ms21727.56±717.731811.14±957.482711.12±1713.962577.85±1720.54
LFRR, ms2411.83±426.86638.21±791.01739.41±546.01†1053.37±939.61†
LFnu,RR, nu31.76±15.1642.23±22.20*53.68±24.63†78.61±18.04*†
HFRR, ms2691.62±220.91434.79±199.77*630.43±761.49358.30±685.99*
HFnu,RR, nu65.29±13.0442.18±18.87*44.07±24.32†18.59±19.33*
  • Data are presented as mean±SD.

  • *p<0.05 REST vs STAND.

  • †p<0.05 B vs FU in the same experimental condition.

  • B, basal; FU, follow-up; HF, high frequency; HFRR, absolute power of RR in HF band; HFRR,nu, normalised power of RR in HF band; LF, low frequency; LFRR, absolute power of RR in LF band; LFRR,nu, normalised power of RR in LF band; REST, supine position; σ2RR, RR variance; RR, RR interval; STAND, active standing.