Table 3

SAP variability and baroreflex sensitivity

SAP, mmHg130.28±11.53132.43±13.08
σ2SAP, mmHg29.36±7.1615.57±9.91*
LFSAP, mmHg21.37±1.165.86±5.31*
BRSLF, ms/mmHg21.23±8.6511.95±6.60*
BRSHF, ms/mmHg56.85±22.6518.49±10.22*
  • Data are presented as mean±SD.

  • *p<0.05 REST vs STAND.

  • BRS, baroreflex sensitivity; BRSLF, BRS in LF band; HF, high frequency; LF, low frequency; LFSAP, absolute power of SAP in LF band; REST, supine position; σ2SAP, SAP variance; SAP, systolic arterial pressure; STAND, active standing.