Table 4

Importance of different variables used in random survival forest analysis

Prior VT/VF0.31201
Syncope or spontaneous VT/VF0.02892
QTc interval0.00394
QRS axis0.00305
P wave axis0.00157
QT interval0.00148
T wave axis0.00129
QRS interval0.000810
SV1 amplitude0.000411
PR interval0.000212
P wave duration0.000113
Positive genetic test0.000115
Fever induced type 10.000016
Ventricular rate0.000017
Initial type 1 Brugada pattern0.000018
Brugada pattern evolution0.000019
Family history of Brugada syndrome−0.000120
Positive electrophysiological study−9.02E-0521
RV5 amplitude−1.98E-0422
Family history of sudden cardiac death−2.09E-0423
Positive Holter findings−2.12E-0424
Presence of other arrhythmias−2.78E-0425
  • QTc, corrected QT interval; RV5, R-wave amplitude in V5; SV1, S-wave amplitude in lead V1; VF, ventricular fibrillation; VT, ventricular tachycardia.