Table 2

Univariate Cox regression for predictors of shorter time to VT/VF postdiagnosis

FeatureHR95% CIP value
Female0.219(0.030 to 1.59)0.133
Age of initial presentation1.00(0.983 to 1.02)0.874
Initial syncope2.24(1.11 to 4.53)0.025
Initial VT/VF11.3(6.32 to 20.3)<0.0001
Initial type 1 BrP0.981(0.551 to 1.75)0.949
Evolution0.562(0.296 to 1.07)0.078
Fever0.435(0.135 to 1.40)0.163
Family History of BrS0.536(0.074 to 3.90)0.538
Family History of VF/SCD0.845(0.262 to 2.72)0.778
Other arrhythmia3.02(1.67 to 5.45)<0.0001
EPS positive3.29(0.954 to 11.3)0.059
Abnormal Holter2.85(0.835 to 9.74)0.095
Genetic positive0.504(0.135 to 1.88)0.308
 Heart rate1.01(0.992 to 1.02)0.324
 PWD1.00(0.981 to 1.03)0.732
 PR interval0.999(0.987 to 1.01)0.858
 QRS duration1.02(1.00 to 1.03)0.027
 QT interval1.00(0.995 to 1.01)0.332
 QTc Interval1.01(1.00 to 1.02)0.013
 P axis1.01(0.982 to 1.03)0.616
 QRS Axis0.997(0.990 to 1.00)0.307
 T Axis1.00(0.988 to 1.01)0.877
 V5 R wave amplitude0.895(0.459 to 1.75)0.745
 V1 S wave amplitude0.519(0.157 to 1.71)0.282
 Heart rate1.01(0.966 to 1.05)0.780
 PWD1.04(1.00 to 1.09)0.033
 PR interval1.01(0.984 to 1.03)0.510
 QRS duration1.02(0.988 to 1.05)0.247
 P axis1.01(0.982 to 1.03)0.616
 QRS axis1.01(1.00 to 1.02)0.048
 T axis1.00(0.982 to 1.02)0.730
 V5 R wave amplitude1.37(0.192 to 9.79)0.752
 V1 S wave amplitude2.29(0.053 to 99.7)0.666
 Heart rate1.01(0.990 to 1.02)0.489
 PWD1.01(0.982 to 1.03)0.668
 PR interval1.00(0.989 to 1.01)0.879
 QRS duration1.00(0.992 to 1.01)0.580
 QT interval1.00(0.997 to 1.01)0.255
 QTc interval1.01(1.00 to 1.02)0.022
 P axis0.998(0.985 to 1.01)0.788
 QRS axis0.999(0.993 to 1.00)0.713
 T axis1.00(0.989 to 1.01)0.989
 V5 R wave amplitude0.632(0.296 to 1.35)0.236
 V1 S wave amplitude0.419(0.105 to 1.67)0.219
  • P-values less than 0.05 are shown in bold text.

  • BrP, Brugada pattern; BrS, Brugada syndrome; EPS, electrophysiological study; PWD, P-wave duration; QTc, corrected QT interval; SCD, sudden cardiac death; VF, ventricular fibrillation; VT, ventricular tachycardia.