Table 1

Baseline characteristics and clinical presentation

Before a state of emergency declaration (n=359)After a state of emergency declaration (n=63)P value
Age, median (IQR), years72(61–80)70(59–79)0.19
Male sex, n (%)259(72.1)42(66.7)0.38
Body mass index, median (IQR), kg/m223.2(21.0–25.8)23.2(21.4–25.2)0.85
Current smoker, n (%)122(34.0)23(36.5)0.69
Hypertension, n (%)253(70.5)36(57.1)0.04
Dyslipidaemia, n (%)253(70.5)46(73.0)0.68
Diabetes mellitus, n (%)136(37.9)16(25.4)0.06
Chronic kidney disease, n (%)171(47.6)31(49.2)0.82
De novo myocardial infarction, n (%)330(91.9)55(87.3)0.23
Prior PCI, n (%)33(9.2)6(9.5)0.93
Prior CABG, n (%)7(2.0)1(1.6)0.85
Anterior myocardial infarction, n (%)180(50.1)25(39.7)0.13
Single vessel disease, n (%)162(45.4)21(33.3)0.08
  • P values refer to the comparisons between the two groups.

  • CABG, coronary artery bypass grafting; PCI, percutaneous coronary intervention.