Table 3

Quality, location and. indications for all TTEs performed (n=30)

ParameterN (%)
 Good13 (43.3)
 Fair8 (26.7)
 Poor7 (23.3)
 Not documented2 (6.7
 ITU22 (74.2)
 General medical ward2 (6.5)
 Acute medical unit2 (6.5)
 Emergency department1 (3.2)
 Not documented3 (9.7)
 Possible heart failure13 (43.3)
 Right heart function and possible strain8 (26.7)
 Overall cardiac function in ITU5 (16.7)
 Possible viral-related cardiac injury/myocarditis4 (13.3)
 Possible structural heart disease/valve abnormalities3 (10.0)
 Abnormal ECG2 (6.7)
 Possible intra-cardiac thrombus1 (3.3)
  • *Many TTE requests asked multiple questions, all of which have been expressed in the indications data displayed.

  • ITU, intensive treatment unit; TTE, transthoracic echocardiography.