Table 4

Published mean values of tenting area in patients with functional mitral regurgitation (FMR) and non-FMR

StudyDesignImaging toolPopulationParameterMean valueCut-off value to predict outcome
Magne et al6Retrospective observational study2D EchocardiographyNon-FMR (n=20)Tenting area (cm2)0.95±0.22.5 cm2
Non-persistent MR (n=40)1.72±0.4
Persistent MR (n=11)2.70±0.9
Karaca et al7Prospective observational study2D EchocardiographyNon-FMR (n=49)Tenting area (cm2)No values3.4 cm2
Severe FMR (n=41)No values
Dwivedi et al13Population-based prospective study2D EchocardiographyHealthy subjects (n=480)Tenting area (cm2)Male: 2.02±0.68
Female: 1.64±0.47
Indexed tenting area (cm2/m2)Male: 1.02±0.34
Female: 0.93±0.27
Nishino et al17Prospective observational study2D EchocardiographyNon-FMR (n=14)Indexed tenting area (cm2/m2)0.42 (0.37–0.44)
Acute FMR (n=44)1.02 (0.82–1.15)
Chronic FMR (n=36)1.56 (1.28–1.77)
Nappi et al8Post hoc analysis of prior published randomised trial2D EchocardiographySevere FMR (n=48)Tenting area (cm2)3.0±0.33.1 cm2
Von Stumm et al5Retrospective observational study2D EchocardiographySevere FMR (n=240)Tenting area (cm2)2.8±0.82.4 cm2
  • 2D, two-dimensional; MR, mitral regurgitation.