Table 2

Postoperative complications before matching between PCI versus non-PCI patients

Variable (no missing)PCI, n=1090Non-PCI, n=10 241P value
Transfused blood used (2)12.70%14.80%0.058
Units of blood used (1)0(0,0) max eight units0(0, 0) max 20 units0.046
Postoperative stroke (6) permanent0.60%0.40%
All together0.70%0.80%0.059
Pulmonary complications (9845)Chest infection/other10.40%11.50%0.5
All together12.70%13.20%0.67
GI complications (3)Ischaemic bowel/pancreatitis1.20%1.10%
Peptic ulcer/GI bleed0.40%0.50%
All together1.60%1.50%0.9
Organ failure (3)1.00%0.60%0.16
Hospital LOS (2) in days6 (5, 8) max 187 days6 (5, 8) max 204 days<0.001
VariableSubvariablePCI, n=1058Non-PCI, n=1058P value
Transfused blood used12.60%14.70%0.18
Units of blood used0(0, 0) max 8 units0(0, 0) max 8 units0.12
Postoperative strokePermanent0.38%0.57%
All together0.76%1.13%0.5
Pulmonary complicationsChest infection/other10.50%13.90%
All together12.90%15.60%0.09
GI complicationsIschaemic bowel/pancreatitis1.20%1.40%
Peptic ulcer/GI bleed0.38%0.28%
All together1.60%1.70%>0.99
Organ failure0.90%0.80%0.81
Hospital LOS, in days6(5 8) max 187 days6(5 8) max 62 days0.054
  • Bold values within the P value column indicate statistically significant values.

  • GI, gastrointestinal; LOS, length of stay; PCI, percutaneous coronary intervention.