Table 1

Demographic and clinical characteristics of the study population

All patientsTotal
Myocardial fibrosisP value
DMF+ (n=12)DMF− (n=13)
 Female13 (52%)6 (50%)7 (54%)1.0
Age at Fontan (years)4.1±3.444.0±2.74.1±1.60.9
Age at CMR (years)18.5±6.90.6719.0±6.90.67
Age at catheterisation (years)16.3±6.816.0±7.116.0±7.10.66
Time between Fontan and catheterisation (years)13.0±6.313.2±6.513.2±6.50.78
Time between catheterisation and CMR (years)1.8±1.31.7±1.61.7±1.60.57
Ventricular morphology0.61
 Left18 (72%)99
 Right6 (24%)33
 Biventricular1 (4%)1
History of protein losing enteropathy000NA
History of plastic bronchitis211NA
Type of Fontan0.80
 Atriopulmonary2 (8%)11
 Lateral tunnel13 (52%)76
 Extracardiac conduit10 (40%)46
  • Results are presented as mean±SD or frequency (%).

  • CMR, cardiac MRI; DMF, diffuse myocardial fibrosis.