Table 2

Observed findings from catheterisation, CMR and MRE in patients with and without diffuse myocardial fibrosis

Myocardial fibrosisP value
DMF+ (n=12)DMF− (n=13)
Ejection fraction (%, CMR)54±756±553±80.17
Haematocrit (%)45±445±545±40.89
Native T1 values990±841025±60958±930.04
Baseline Fontan pressure (mm Hg)12±213±311±10.02
Baseline ventricular end-diastolic pressure (mm Hg)9±210±28±20.03
Baseline pulmonary vascular resistance (iWu)1.2±0.51.3±0.61.2±0.40.55
Baseline aortic saturation (%)93±392±394±20.13
Baseline cardiac index (L/min/m2)3.4±0.83.3±0.73.4±0.90.7
Change in ventricular EDP after stress (mm Hg)4.3±2.14.4±0.64.1±0.60.69
Change in Fontan pressure after stress (mm Hg)3.4±1.93.7±2.23.0±1.30.33
Change in cardiac output after stress (L/min/m2)0.0±0.9−0.1±0.20.1±0.30.65
Stress Fontan pressure (mm Hg)15±317±314±10.008
Stress ventricular end-diastolic pressure (mm Hg)13±314±312±20.04
Stress pulmonary vascular resistance (iWu)1.4±0.61.5±0.71.2±0.50.28
Stress cardiac index (L/min/m2)3.3±1.23.1±1.03.5±1.30.44
Liver Stiffness (n=17)4.1±0.74.5±0.3 (n=10)3.4±0.7 (n=7)0.066
  • Results are presented as mean±SD or frequency (%). P values in bold are statistically significant.

  • CMR, cardiac MRI; EDP, end-diastolic pressure; iWu, indexed Wood units; MRE, magnetic resonance elastography.