Table 3

Association of ECV with clinical, catheterisation and MRI variables

All patients (n=25)Pearson correlation coefficient with ECVP value
Age at CMR (years)0.020.47
Age at catheterisation (years)0.020.42
Time between Fontan and CMR (years)0.020.46
Time between catheterisation and CMR (years)0.020.42
Heart rate at CMR0.080.23
Liver stiffness0.450.05
End-diastolic volume0.040.39
End-systolic volume0.070.29
Ventricular ejection fraction0.020.53
Fontan type0.66*
Ventricular morphology0.46*
Baseline Fontan pressure (mm Hg)0.420.03
Baseline ventricular end-diastolic pressure (mm Hg)0.440.03
Baseline pulmonary vascular resistance (iWu)0.010.68
Baseline cardiac index (L/min/m2)0.060.37
Stress Fontan pressure (mm Hg)0.450.02
Stress ventricular end-diastolic pressure (mm Hg)0.530.007
Stress pulmonary vascular resistance (iWu)0.070.26
Stress cardiac index (L/min/m2)0.070.23
  • *Wilcoxon test p value. Bold numbers indicate p value ≤0.05.

  • CMR, cardiac MRI; ECV, extracellular volume; iWu, indexed Wood units.