Table 3

Primary endpoints at 9 months

Number of patientsBBCCBP value
Positive Ach-induced spasm
 Intention-to-treat analysis26.9%726.9%71
 Per-protocol analysis35%731.8%70.21
Coronary angiographic findings
 75% spasm8%24%10.71
 90% spasm15%415%4
 99% spasm23%627%7
 100% spasm4%10%0
Improvement with nitroglycerin administration46%1242%110.34
Chest discomfort42%1146%120.27
 Typical chest discomfort during test27%727%70.89
Time required for symptom alleviation (minutes)
 Under 542%1158%150.48
 Above 523%64%1
 Ambiguous or unknown35%927%7
ECG change during provocation46%1227%70.18
 Non-specific STT change0%08%20.23
 ST elevation >0.5 mm15%48%2
 ST depression >0.5 mm31%815%4
Time required for ECG recovery (minutes)
 Under 531%819%50.54
 Above 515%48%2
  • Values are mean_SD or n (%).

  • Ach, acetylcholine; BB, beta blocker; CCB, calcium channel blocker; QCA, quantitative coronary analysis.