Table 1

Characteristics of study population

VariablesMedian, (IQR) or n, (%)N
Age (years)31 (28–34)196
Nulliparous93 (48%)196
Multiparous103 (52%)196
Smoking before pregnancy14 (7%)192
Non-smoking at first antenatal visit178 (93%)192
IVF11 (6%)183
Height at first antenatal visit, cm168 (163–173)196
Weight at first antenatal visit, kg67 (61–75)195
BMI at first antenatal visit24 (22–27)196
BP systolic at first antenatal visit, mm Hg112 (107–120)195
BP diastolic at first antenatal visit, mm Hg65 (60–70)195
Gestational age at first antenatal visit, weeks10 (10–11)196
Gestational age at second visit, weeks22 (21–24)163
Gestational age at delivery, weeks40 (39–41)179
Epidural anaesthesia77 (43%)179
Spontaneous vaginal delivery148 (83%)179
Elective caesarean delivery14 (8%)179
Emergency caesarean delivery12 (7%)179
Assisted vaginal delivery5 (3%)179
Oxytocin as labour augmentation69 (39%)178
Oxytocin postpartum only96 (54%)178
Postpartum haemorrhage >1000 mL25 (14%)177
Birth weight (g)3618 (3322–4020)178
Time delivery to blood sample (hours)26 (17–34)122
Time delivery to postpartum visit (months)7 (6–8)150
  • BMI, body mass index; BP, blood pressure; IVF, in vitro fertilisation.