Table 2

Biomarkers identified as risk factors for peripartum cardiomyopathy

Authors (year)BiomarkerRisk estimate (OR)95% CI
Liu et al (2014)40Cardiac receptor antibodies (B1R and M2R)18.7861.926 to 183.262
Huang et al (2010)18Antimyocardial antibodies (AMA-IgG)2.681.19 to 4.85
Huang et al (2012)37NT-proBNP1.921.12 to 4.15
Huang et al (2010)18; Huang et al (2012)37C-reactive protein1.861.08 to 4.02
Sagy et al (2017)45Uric acid1.31.049 to 1.614
Yaqoob et al (2018)50II polymorphism of the ACE gene0.2530.114 to 0.558