Table 3

Odds ratios comparing clinical outcomes for Orsiro BP-SES and DP-DES

Orsiro BP-SES, %DP-DES, %OR95% CIP value
Target lesion failure8.29.50.820.69 to 0.980.03
Target vessel myocardial infarction3.44.00.800.65 to 0.980.03
Cardiac mortality2. to 1.270.92
Stent thrombosis1.82.20.870.55 to 1.370.54
Clinically driven target lesion revascularisation4.55.20.850.64 to 1.140.28
  • BP-SES, biodegradable polymer sirolimus-eluting stent; DP-DES, durable polymer drug-eluting stents.