Table 1

Top 25 BSCI/BSCCT research priorities in descending order

PriorityResearch question
1Is there a combination of stenosis/CTFFR/plaque features that identify a situation where the benefit of a stent outweighs its risks?
2How can we best target cardiac imaging to optimise its yield in terms of outcomes and economic costs?
3Is there a mortality/morbidity reduction through the wider use of CTCA?
4What is the optimum imaging/investigative strategy in acute coronary syndromes?
5What are the outcomes of CTCA use in low-risk ACS patients?
6How can we limit increases in downstream costs and healthcare utilisation after CTCA?
7What are the optimal features/markers of the vulnerable plaque?
8What is the role of CTFFR in clinical practice?
9Can we identify and characterise biomarkers of sudden cardiac death/arrhythmias in order to develop better risk stratification tools?
10What is the economic impact of CTFFR in routine practice?
11Can we standardise advanced MRI techniques (eg, late gadolinium enhancement quantification, mapping)?
12How do different cardiac imaging strategies affect downstream testing?
13How useful are TAVI (Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation) CTs in management decisions when many people who are worked up don't end up getting TAVI, is there a more cost-effective strategy to predict who needs TAVI CT?
14Can cardiovascular imaging be used to predict/improve outcomes in cardiomyopathy imaging?
15How can we reduce the impact of calcification on CTCA diagnostic accuracy, in a radiation and time-efficient manner?
16Can we use artificial intelligence to enable decision support tools for the use of cardiovascular imaging?
17What is the optimum follow-up interval for imaging of cardiovascular disease (eg, aneurysms, dissection)?
18Can CTCA replace functional imaging for stable angina?
19Can we develop methods to improve accuracy in CTCA assessment of in-stent disease?
20What is the role of artificial intelligence in cardiovascular disease?
21Is there a role for early use of cardiac CT in confirmed/high-risk ACS?
22What are the barriers to the implementation of evidence-based imaging strategies in cardiovascular imaging?
23Which patients do not need or derive no benefit from cardiovascular imaging?
24Do any advanced imaging modalities improve outcome in dilated cardiomyopathy?
25Has the change of the NICE guidance resulted in more inappropriate CTCA referrals?
  • BSCI/BSCCT, British Society for Cardiac Imaging/British Society of Cardiac CT; NICE, National Institute for Health and Care Excellence.