Table 1

Baseline variables of the two study populations

Population 1ASD patients (n=49)
Age (years)52±16
Female (%)59% (29)
Transthoracic echo parameters:
 LVEF (%)62±8.5
 Tricuspid valve regurgitation peak gradient (mm Hg)31±11
Catheterisation Qp/Qs2.05±0.70
Dye dilution Qp/Qs2.12±0.68
Population 2ASD patients (n=143)
Age (years)46±16
Female (%)76% (109)
Indication for measurement
 Shunt size85% (121)
 Stroke15% (22)
Atrial fibrillation (%)11% (16)
RBBB or partial RBBB (%)50% (72)
Transthoracic echo parameters
 LVEF (%)62±10
 RV +RA area (cm2)47±12
 Tricuspid valve regurgitation peak gradient (mmHg)30±9
Transoesophageal echo parameters:
 ASD native size (mm)16±6
 ASD invasive balloon measurement (mm)20±6
Dye dilution Qp/Qs2.16±0.65
CMR Qp/Qs1.87±0.40
  • Variables presented as mean±SD or percentage (absolute number of patients).

  • ASD, atrial septal defect; BMI, body mass index; CMR, cardiac MR; LVEF, left ventricular ejection fraction; Qp, pulmonary blood flow; Qs, systemic blood flow; RA, right atrium; RBBB, right bundle branch block; RV, right ventricle.