Table 2

Readmission rates and complications in the post-index ablation period among patients with ischaemic VT

Outcomes30-day, n (%)*60-day, n (%)*90-day, n (%)*12-month, n (%)*
VT readmission†31 (6.35)49 (10.04)56 (11.48)83 (17.01)
HF readmission†10 (2.05)14 (2.87)17 (3.48)37 (7.58)
Non-VT arrhythmia readmission†5 (1.02)7 (1.43)10 (2.05)23 (4.7)
 Total‡20 (4.10)NANANA
 Pulmonary embolism‡6 (1.23)NANANA
 Pericarditis‡2 (0.41)NANANA
 Pericardial tamponade‡6 (1.23)NANANA
 Vascular complications‡10 (2.05)NANANA
  • The total complication represents either of the four complications studied in the post-index period (including index admission). Each patient might have multiple complications and thus the total complications do not add up to the individual number of complications.

  • *Per cent calculated as of the total 488 patients with ischaemic VT.

  • †12-month post index-ablation period.

  • ‡30-day post-index ablation (including index admission) period.

  • HF, heart failure; VT, ventricular tachycardia.