Table 1

Patient and disease characteristics

P value
Age (years)78.0±10.479.8±7.976.0±11.177.5±11.8<0.001
Female gender (%)46.649.843.045.90.043
Frailty severe (%)
Symptomatic AS * (%)79.589.572.073.9<0.001
 NYHA III/IV (%)42.155.736.031.3<0.001
 Angina CCS III/IV (%)
Comorbidities (%)
 CrCl <50 mL/min (%)29.134.321.230.2<0.001
 Extracardiac arteropathy (%)12.421.84.87.5<0.001
 COPD (%)
 PAH >55 mm Hg (%)8.411.78.34.5<0.001
 Diabetes on insulin (%)8.411.49.14.7<0.001
 Mean aortic PG (mm Hg)45.7±15.343.6±16.249.3±14.345.3±14.5<0.001
 AVA indexed (cm2/m2)0.40±0.110.39±0.090.43±0.110.40±0.12<0.001
 PAP systolic (mm Hg)39.4±14.143.2±14.540.6±12.133.9±13.5<0.001
 Ejection fraction (%)56.0±12.853.8±13.258.4±10.956.7±13.2<0.001
Concomitant valve disease (%)
 Aortic regurg mod/sev (%)<0.001
 Mitral regurg mod/sev (%)<0.001
 Mitral stenosis mod/sev (%)
 Tricuspid regurg mod/sev (%)<0.001
EuroSCORE II(%)3.9±4.75.3±6.02.9±3.13.5±4.2<0.001
  • *Defined as one or more cardiac symptoms presumably related to severe AS (chest pain, shortness of breath, dizziness on exertion/syncope, NYHA III or IV, and Angina pectoris CCS III or IV).

  • AS, aortic stenosis; AVA, aortic valve area; CCS, Canadian Cardiovascular Society; COPD, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease; CrCI, creatinine clearance; NYHA, New York Heart Association; PAH, pulmonary artery hypertension; PAP, pulmonary artery pressure; PG, pressure gradient; regurg, regurgitation.