Table 4

CVD risk factors of enrolled participants at baseline (n=162)

Number of pack year for former and current smoker (n=49)
 <5 pack year4082
 ≥5 pack year0918
Ever had alcohol
Alcohol intake, drinks per day among ever drinkers (n=68)
 1 drink/day066
 2 drinks/day2122
 3 drinks/day066
 >3 drinks/day6466
Total physical activity (n=138)
 Low (<600 MET min/week)8058
 High (≥600 MET min/week)5842
Body mass index (kg/m2)
 Underweight <18.5064
 Normal 18.5–24.98552
 Overweight 25–29.96238
 Obese ≥30096
 Mean (SD)24.2 (3.9)
Hypertension (mm Hg)
 Normal <120/<805131
 Prehypertension 120–139/80–896339
 Hypertension ≥140/≥904830
 Systolic blood pressure, mean (SD)127.9 (17.2)
 Diastolic blood pressure, mean (SD)81.7 (12.6)
  • CVD, cardiovascular disease.