Table 2

Canteen intervention in the industrial sector of eastern Nepal

Strengthen canteen management
  • Formation of canteen intervention team (CIT) including industry managers, administrative department, union leaders, canteen operators, security personnel investigator, research assistants, nutritionist

  • Training will be conducted for the CIT on a healthy diet; taking note of local context

  • Monthly meetings with CIT will be organised to monitor the intervention and discuss the challenges and barriers for effective implementation and strategies for resolving them

Capacity building of cafeteria employee
  • Capacity assessment of the cafeteria employee will be undertaken to identify the strengths and weakness, form strategies for addressing weakness and educate them on diabetes, hypertension and other cardiovascular disease prevention strategies through healthy eating

  • Cooking classes will beconducted for canteen staff to promote healthy cooking practices in the canteen. We will gradually promote healthy eating practices by developing and understanding workers food-related preferences, attitudes and behaviours of people considering the local context

  • A team for weekly monitoring and evaluation of the cooking practices at the canteen will be formed

Food modification in the canteen
  • Healthy foods will replace unhealthy foods with context-specific culturally appropriate interventions

Some interventions to be developed are:
  • Replacing white rice with brown rice. Mixing brown rice with 50% white rice. We will consider adding older grains such as millet, finger millet and sorghum in addition to or instead of the brown rice

  • Decreasing the amount of sugar in tea and adding cinnamon and/or ginger and lemon. We will promote lemon tea

  • Fresh fruits and vegetables will be introduced

  • The salt content in cooked vegetables and pulses will be lowered and we will encourage the use of onion, garlic and herbs to add flavour

  • Less use of oil and the use of healthier locally available monosaturated and polyunsaturated oils will be encouraged

  • High sugary drinks will be replaced by water

Information Education and Communication (IEC)
  • A formal programme launch event will kick off the canteen intervention

  • The IEC package will consist of poster displays, pamphlets, healthy food presentation and group discussions

  • All the labour workers, administrative staffs, union leaders, section chief and executives will be invited to attend a brief half-hour session on healthy eating and healthy food choices in the canteen