Table 3

Discrimination of each predicting models for cardiovascular-cause and all-cause mortality using C-index, net reclassification improvement (NRI) and integrated discrimination improvement (IDI)

C-index (95% CI)P valueNRIP valueIDIP value
CVD-cause mortality
 Established risk*0.630 (0.562 to 0.698)ReferenceReferenceReference
 +GNRI0.694 (0.635 to 0.754)0.00260.493<0.00010.029<0.0001
 +CRP0.678 (0.611 to 0.745)0.00530.3640.00110.0210.017
 +GNRI and CRP0.718 (0.659 to 0.776)0.00020.510<0.00010.056<0.0001
All-cause mortality
 Established risk*0.648 (0.596 to 0.699)ReferenceReferenceReference
 +GNRI0.707 (0.660 to 0.754)0.00360.510<0.00010.060<0.0001
 +CRP0.687 (0.637 to 0.736)0.00180.360<0.00010.031<0.0001
 +GNRI and CRP0.724 (0.678 to 0.770)0.00020.539<0.00010.081<0.0001
  • *Including age, multivessel disease and LVEF as covariates with p<0.05 by univariate analysis.

  • CRP, C reactive protein; CVD, cardiovascular disease; GNRI, Geriatric Nutritional Risk Index ; LVEF, left ventricular ejection fraction.