Table 6

Important prediction variables divided into subcategories

Precoronary interventionIntraintervention /postinterventionSecondary to NR?
1.Age.1.Heparin dose.
2.Lesion classification.2.Pre-dilation balloon inflation pressure.
3.Systolic blood pressure.
4.P2Y12 antagonist to balloon time.3.eGFR.Embedded Image1.eGFR.
4.Intracoronary IIb/IIIa.2.Intracoronary IIb/IIIa.
5.Hypertension.3.Heart failure.
6.Non-smoker.5.Haemoglobin.Embedded Image4.Haemoglobin.
7. Weight.6. Intravenous fluids Use.
  • Variables are divided into categories on whether information was available precoronary intervention or intraintervention/postintervention, or if data may be influenced by the presence of NR rather than contributing to risk of NR. The order represents the statistical weighting, with 1 associated with the most significant p value.

  • eGFR, estimated glomerular filtration rate; NR, no reflow.