Table 3

Procedural characteristics of patients presenting with ST-elevation myocardial infarction comparing those with no reflow to those without

No reflowP value
No (n=149)Yes (n=24)
Heparin dose (units)8054±23476818±22600.022
 Activated clotting time (s)290±82304±790.549
Glycoprotein IIb/IIIa inhibitor use33 (22)6 (25)0.784
Predilation performed103 (70)24 (100)0.002
 Predilation balloon inflation pressure (atm)12±314±40.047
 Predilation balloon diameter (mm)2.5±0.52.5±0.40.848
Stent inserted140 (96)24 (100)0.312
 Stent inflation pressure (atm)15±215±30.988
 Stent diameter (mm)3.3±0.53.3±0.70.527
Postdilation performed55 (38)13 (54)0.126
 Postdilation balloon inflation pressure (atm)16±417±40.334
 Postdilation balloon maximal diameter (mm)3.6±0.53.7±0.60.559
Thrombectomy use60 (41)8 (33)0.472
Screening time12.3±7.414.5±11.70.233
Radiation exposure (DAP)5553±34275618±29400.930
  • Continuous variables are expressed as mean±SD with correlation investigated with one-way analysis of variance. Categorical variables are expressed as number (percentage) with correlation investigated with χ2 test. P<0.05 was deemed significant; however, p<0.1 (bold) suggested further analysis was required.

  • DAP, dose area product.