Table 2

Prognostic performance of the 0/1-hour algorithm after 90 days

Patients, n (%)AMI index*Total AMI 90 days†Deaths 90 daysAMI + deaths 90 days‡
Disposition after OAEOC
Rule-out (n=1241)1 (0.1)2 (0.2)1 (0.1)3 (0.3)
 Primary care1213
Observation (n=320)15 (4.5)19 (5.7)4 (1.3)22 (6.9)
 Primary care0314
Rule-in (n=62)45 (68.2)45 (68.2)4 (6.4)45 (68.2)
 Primary care0000
Total (N=1623)61 (3.6)66 (4.1)9 (0.6)70 (4.3)
  • The patients were divided into the 0/1-hour algorithm classification and disposition after OAEOC discharge. Time to first incident of AMI is reported, including index episode, in addition to all-cause death the following 90 days. Follow-up data were not available for 2019 due to technical data-extraction reasons from the national registries, shortening the follow-up period for the 53 patients recruited to the study in October 2018.

  • *AMI at index admission: total (N=1711); rule-out (n=1311); observation (n=334); rule-in (n=66).

  • †Including AMI at index.

  • ‡Five patients with AMI subsequently died (four in the rule-in group and one in the observation group) and hence were not counted twice.

  • AMI, acute myocardial infarction; OAEOC, Oslo Accident and Emergency Outpatient Clinic.