Table 1

Unit cost estimates

Type of National Health Service eventEstimated mean cost (in £)
ClinicNo specialised clinic0
Cardiac resynchronisation therapy preassessment clinic561
Cardiac resynchronisation therapy procedureCardiac resynchronisation therapy defibrillator27 413
Cardiac resynchronisation therapy pacemaker10 542
No CRT implantation0
Follow-up costsHospital admissions due to heart failure events7130
  • The mean unit cost for the cardiac resynchronisation therapy (CRT) preassessment clinic (£561) was estimated based on the utilisation of: (i) new outpatient appointment for cardiology (244/244 participants with an estimated unit cost of £200 per new outpatient consultant appointment); (ii) cardiac magnetic resonance (CMR) imaging (125/244 participants, unit cost of £544 based on unbundled CMR tariff) and (iii) echocardiogram (244/244 participants, unit cost of £82 for unbundled echocardiography). The mean unit costs for the cardiac resynchronisation therapy implantation procedures were the sum of the cost of the device, cost for the cardiac catheter laboratory staff and average hospital admission length. This amount was estimated by averaging the cost of five patients who underwent each intervention at our institution. The mean unit cost of hospital admissions during the follow-up period of 1 year was based on the costs incurred in the ‘specialised clinic’ group.