Table 4

Mean stroke volumes measured in aorta and in the main pulmonary artery and corresponding Qp/Qs ratios

n=39FBBHP value
FB vs BH
Valve level
 Stroke volume, mL (SD)107.5 (20.2)104.1 (19.6)<0.001
 Qp/Qs, mean (range)0.98 (0.78–1.10)1.02 (0.85–1.21)
ST-junction level
 Stroke volume, mL (SD)99.1 (20.2)99.9 (20.2)0.3
 Qp/Qs, mean (range)1.06 (0.89–1.29)1.07 (0.96–1.23)
Mid-ascending aorta
 Stroke volume, mL (SD)96.2 (20.8)96.2 (20.6)1.0
 Qp/Qs, mean (range)1.10 (0.94–1.21)1.11 (0.91–1.29)
Pulmonary artery
 Stroke volume, mL (SD)104.5 (21.1)106.0 (20.5)0.2
P values for flow vs flow
Valve vs pulmonary0.020.1
ST junction vs mid-ascending0.01<0.001
  • P values for paired t-tests between stroke volumes.

  • Qp/Qs should be 1 before the coronary arteries (valve level) and 1.05 after the coronary arteries (ST junction and mid-ascending aorta).

  • BH, breath-hold; FB, free-breathing; Q, flow rate; Qp/Qs, pulmonary flow divided by systemic flow; ST junction, sinotubular junction.