Table 1

Overview of studies on assessment of mitral regurgitation with CMR

First author and referenceYearnReported level of measurement
Hundley et al11995172 to 4 cm above the aortic valve
Kizilbash et al199822Ascending aorta, well above the aortic valve and coronary ostia
Gelfand et al200683The axial plane at the level of the bifurcation of the pulmonary artery
Buck et al200873Orthogonal to the mid-ascending aorta
Uretsky et al12201023Not reported
Myerson et al10201055Just above the aortic valve
Shanks et al2010302 to 5 cm above the aortic valve, where the aorta was nearly parallel to the caudal cranial axis of the patient, in the axial orientation
Hamada et al20124310 mm above the tip of the aortic valve
Cawley et al201326Aortic valve
Van De Heyning et al201338Ascending aorta
Thavendiranathan et al2013301 to 2 cm above the aortic valve
Choi et al2014522 to 3 cm above the aortic valve
Uretsky et al112015103Not reported
Sachdev et al13201758Not reported
Lopez-Mattei et al201670Sinotubular junction
Aplin et al22201672Sinotubular junction
Myerson et al232016109Just above the aortic valve at end diastole or at the sinotubular junction
Harris et al201722Across the aortic valve
Polte et al201740Sinotubular junction
Heo et al2017372 to 3 cm above the aortic valve
Penicka et al2420182582 to 3 cm above the aortic valve
Chew et al302019109At the aortic sinotubular junction or just above the valve prosthesis post-replacement
  • CMR, cardiac magnetic resonance imaging.