Table 4

Postoperative data by anticoagulant/platelet inhibitor. Patients not surviving the operation were excluded from the upper part of this table. (Single platelet inhibitor or less, warfarin, DAPT or DOAC.)

Single platelet inhibitor or lessWarfarinDAPTDOAC
Number of operationsn1078135
PO length of staydays4 (2)4.5 (3)7 (7)3 (1)
PO ICU staydays2 (3)2.5 (1.75)2 (4.5)1 (3)
PO ventilator >24 hour%23252350
PO reintubated%60020
PO renal replacement therapy%40150
PO circulatory support%0080
PO bleedingml660 (990)615 (550)820 (870)820 (3246)
Any transfusion%9610092100
 erythrocytesunits3 (4.75)2 (2)5 (4)19 (21)
 plasmaunits5 (5.75)2.5 (3.25)5 (4)12 (20)* DOAC vs warfarin
 thrombocytesunits1 (1)1 (1.25)1 (3)4 (6)
PO autotransfusion%32381575
PO autotransfusionml0 (450)0 (518)0 (0)591 (521)
PO nitrous oxide%0000
PO pulmonary artery catheter%00020*
PO superficial infection%1000
PO pneumonia%9121520
PO other infection%41200
PO mediastinitis%1000
PO inotropic support%10384220*
PO sternal dehiscence%0000
PO revision for bleeding%9121560*
PO CPR%41200
PO septicaemia%1080
PO arrhythmia%24503340
PO pacemaker >24 hour%4080
PO new chest tube%212025*
PO myocardial infarction%1000
PO stroke%925150
PO paraparesis%4080
PO other reoperation%503820*
PO failure in other organs%80150
PO delayed cardiac tamponade%312840*
PO return to ICU%7000
PO pressure ulcer%0000
PO mobilised <24 hour%70505440
PO in-department mortality%225833*
30 days mortality%825867*
  • *p<0.05

  • CPR, Cardiopulmonary resuscitation; DAPT, dual anti-platelet inhibitors; DOAC, direct oral anticoagulants ; ICU, intensive care unit; PO, postoperative.