Table 2

Top 10 research priorities from the final workshop

Research priorityGroup (patients, carers or healthcare professionals) whose survey responses were incorporated into this research question
1.Which treatments have the biggest impact on the quality of life of people with advanced HF?Patients
2.What amount and type of exercise is safe and effective for people with advanced HF?Patients and healthcare professionals
3.What is the most empowering and effective education and self-management advice for people with advanced HF and their carers? (eg, dealing with fatigue)Patients, carers and healthcare professionals
4.How can the work of HF charities be better integrated with NHS services to optimise the care of people with advanced HF?Patients
5.Which approaches, in addition to standard therapies, are effective in supporting breathlessness in people with advanced HF?Healthcare professionals
6.How do we break down barriers for patients with advanced HF, carers and health professionals to enable talking about end of life care?Patients, carers and healthcare professionals
7.What are the benefits of asking a person with advanced HF ‘what is important to you’?Healthcare professionals
8.What is the most effective way to use diuretics in advanced HF, with respect to fluid overload, kidney function, survival and quality of life?Healthcare professionals
9.How can patients with advanced HF and professionals be helped to communicate about symptoms that are difficult to express such as anxiety and low mood?Patients and healthcare professionals
10.What support would be most effective for carers of people with advanced HF? (eg, support groups)Patients and healthcare professionals
  • HF, heart failure.