Table 3

Lifestyle habits and change attempts in patients participating in the A-3-P survey

Men %Women %All %
Referred to specialist clinic32.740.434.6
Advised to stop
 Use NRT34.450.0 (p=0.04)38.1
 Use bupropion2.62.02.5
 Use varenicline5.93.95.4
Made quit attempt60.171.763
Tried to reduce37.526.434.7
Attended specialist clinic14.411.313.6
Used NRT23.824.523.9
Used bupropion0.01.90.5
Used varenicline3.31.92.9
Diet and weight
Dietary advice75.471.574.5
Advised to lose weight63.759.462.7
Steps taken—improve diet
 Reduce salt67.260.5 (p=0.04)65.7
 Reduce fat69.269.569.2
 Change fat61.660.361.3
 Increase fruits and vegetables72.965.7 (p=0.02)71.2
 Eat more fish61.356.460.1
 Reduce sugar64.755.9 (p=0.009)62.6
 Reduce alcohol51.640.7 (p=0.002)49.1
 Eat more sterols29.417.1 (p<0.001)26.5
Steps taken to lose weight—in overweight patients67.665.667.1
Physical activity
Disability/infirmity38.151.1 (p<0.001)41.1
Infirmity limits activity74.685 (p=0.01)77.6
Professional advice to increase activity52.457.153.5
Advised to increase everyday activities60.659.917.2
Advised to join walking group16.818.368.8
Any steps taken to increase activity70.771.270.8
  • A-3-P, ASPIRE-3-PREVENT; NRT, nicotine replacement therapy.