Table 2

Laboratory and echocardiographic data of patients with HFpEF at first LVEF assessment, and whose changes in LVEF at second assessment (n=1082)

pEF (=758)mrEF (=138)rEF (=186)P value
Laboratory data
White cell count (*103/uL)6.9±3.17.3±3.47.8±3.70.045
Haemoglobin (g/dL)12.5±2.312.5±2.212.0±2.2**0.025
BNP (pg/mL)†135.2 (53.5–329.6)194.0 (53.9–520.9)319.8 (93.3–702.0) **†<0.001
Troponin I (ng/mL) †0.040 (0.017–0.080)0.040 (0.017–0.078)0.069 (0.032–0.355)*†0.033
eGFR (mL/min/1.73 cm2)60.1±23.355.2±24.355.7±25.20.042
C reactive protein (mg/dL) †0.13 (0.05–0.48)0.18 (0.05–1.35)0.38 (0.09–1.08)0.530
Total protein (g/dL)6.9±0.76.9±0.86.9±0.70.542
Albumin (g/dL)3.8±0.63.7±0.63.7±0.50.072
Total bilirubin (mg/dL)0.8±0.40.9±0.51.0±0.57**†<0.001
Direct bilirubin (mg/dL)0.1±0.10.1±0.10.1±0.10.771
Sodium (mEq/L)139.0±3.4138.5±3.8138.0±3.5†0.001
Echocardiographic data
LVEF (%)62.9±7.260.6±9.6**55.1±11.6**†<0.001
LVDd (mm)45.6±8.349.7±9.1**53.2±10.9**††<0.001
LVDs (mm)29.2±8.233.6±10.1**†39.2±12.5**†<0.001
Left atrium volume (mL)67.8±44.786.6±68.5**84.2±69.9*††<0.001
Mitral valve E/E’13.0±7.614.9±9.813.2±7.50.108
IVC (mm)14.4±4.714.7±5.214.6±4.40.637
TR-PG (mm Hg)31.5±18.730.7±17.529.2±15.20.440
RV-FAC (%)42.6±13.943.9±14.941.9±13.50.659
Rhythm sinus/atrial fibrillation/pacing (n, %)554 (73.1)/127 (16.8)/77 (10.2)93 (67.4)/30 (21.7)/15 (10.9)117 (62.9)/41 (22.0)/28 (15.1)0.062
CRBBB (n, %)77 (10.2)10 (7.2)17 (9.1)0.550
CLBBB (n, %)5 (0.7)2 (1.4)4 (2.2)0.166
Heart rate (excluding pacing, n=465)70.4±15.669.2±13.1**75.0±15.1**<0.001
PQ (ms)175.3±35.7176.8±40.2182.0±44.80.214
QRS (ms)106.9±20.7108.1±22.7112.3±25.5*†0.036
QT (ms)410.6±45.1415.2±49.4409.0±47.40.455
QTc (ms)441.3±34.3445.4±37.2451.7±35.8**0.002
  • *P<0.05, **P<0.01 vs pEF, †p<0.05 and ††p<0.01 vs mrEF.

  • †Data are presented as median (IQR).

  • BNP, B-type natriuretic peptide; CLBBB, complete left bundle branch block; CRBBB, complete right bundle branch block; GFR, glomerular filtration rate; HFpEF, heart failure with preserved LVEF; IVC, inferior vena cava diameter; LVDd, left ventricular end diastolic dimension; LVDs, left ventricular end systolic dimension; LVEF, left ventricular ejection fraction; mrEF, mid-range LVEF at second assessment; pEF, remained preserved LVEF at second assessment; rEF, reduced LVEF at second assessment; RV-FAC, right ventricular fractional area change; TR-PG, tricuspid regurgitation pressure gradient.