Table 2

Results of restriction mean survival time: estimates of differences in length of survival and life years gained over 5 years after incident AMI in patients with HLP vs no HLP

Study cohortsDifference in length of survival in years, HLP vs no HLP
Mean (95% CI)
Gain in life in years with HLP
Mean (95% CI)
Gain in life in years with statin
Mean (95% CI)
Entire cohort0.35 (0.25 to 0.46)0.17 (0.11 to 0.24)0.67 (0.62 to 0.71)
NSTEMI0.39 (0.26 to 0.53)0.20 (0.11 to 0.29)0.77 (0.70 to 0.83)
STEMI0.24 (0.09 to 0.39)0.11 (0.02 to 0.20)0.48 (0.42 to 0.54)
No statin group0.53 (0.38 to 0.68)0.26 (0.16 to 0.36)
  • Patients with AMI with concomitant HLP had a greater mean survival and a gain in life years over 5-year time compared with those with no HLP.

  • AMI, acute myocardial infarction; HLP, hyperlipidaemia; NSTEMI, non-ST-elevation myocardial infarction; STEMI, ST-elevation myocardial infarction.