Table 1

Surgical procedure, cause of death and problems identified in low-risk cardiac surgery patients

PatientOperationCause of deathCardiac deathPreventableProblem identified
1CABGPerioperative MIYesYes, technicalOcclusion of graft
2AVRPostoperative MIYesNo
3CABGArrest on the wardYesYes, systemMiscommunication; delay in re-exploration due to tamponade
4TVRRV failureYesNo
5MIAPerioperative MIYesYes, technicalInadequate myocardial protection
6MIAHypoxic cardiac arrest; anoxic brain damageYesYes, technicalFailure to secure an adequate airway
7AVRArrest on the wardYesNo
8CABGBowel ischaemia, septic shockNoNo
9CABGAortic dissection, bowel ischaemiaYesYes, technicalIatrogenic type A dissection
10AVRArrest on the wardYesNo
11MIMHypoperfusion; anoxic brain damageYesYes, systemMiscommunication; delay in re-exploration due to bleeding
  • AVR, aortic valve replacement; CABG, coronary artery bypass grafting; MI, myocardial infarction; MIA, minimally invasive aortic valve replacement; MIM, minimally invasive mitral valve repair; RV, right ventricular; TVR, tricuspid valve replacement.