Table 1

Characteristics of included studies of isolated tricuspid valve surgery

Author(s)YearCountryCohort dateRepairReplacementAetiologyAge (years)Female (%)Follow-up
Alkhouli et al82018USAJan 2003–Dec 2014569765TR secondary5556In-hospital
Axtell et al92019USANov 2001–Mar 201614328All TR61542.6 years
Chen et al102019ChinaJan 2005–Aug 20182593TR past LHS55792.7 years
Di Mauro et al112019Italy1983–20187780TV IE472419.1 years
Ejiofor et al122017USAJan 2002–Mar 20141839All TV55613.5 years
Farag et al132017Germany1995–20114168All TR5350N/A (long-term)
Gaca et al142013USA2002–2009354490TV IE414930 days
Hamandi et al152019USA2007–20176827All TV5666N/A (long-term)
Kim et al162013South KoreaSep 1996–July 20103714All TR55514.0 years
Kundi et al172019USA2003–201424942670All TV68581.0 year
Moutakiallah et al182018Morocco20181511TR RHD48924.6 years
Oh et al192013New Zealand1965–20113834All TV487113.7 years
Protos et al202018USA2012–20161226TV IE36471.0 year
Raikhelkar et al212012USANov 1998–Nov 20102729All TV56572.3 years
Vassileva et al72012USA1999–200824653271All TVN/AN/AIn-hospital
Zack et al62017USA2004–2013425616All TV6058In-hospital
  • IE, infective endocarditis; LHS, left heart surgery; N/A, not available; RHD, rheumatic heart disease; TR, tricuspid regurgitation; TV, tricuspid valve.