Table 2

Telemedicine service’s characteristics

Telemedicine programme duration
 Fixed-term telemedicine activity12%
 Indefinite time telemedicine activity88%
Telemedicine ECG
 Prehospital ECG79%
 In-hospital telemedicine ECG47%
 Interhospital telemedicine ECG26%
 Emergency room telemedicine ECG42%
 Outpatients telemedicine ECG63%
 Telemedicine ECG through pharmacies16%
 Telemedicine ECG through general practitioners16%
Ambulatory monitoring
 Outpatients ECG monitoring37%
 Through pharmacies26%
 Through general practitioners16%
 Outpatients blood pressure monitoring
 Through pharmacies21%
 Through general practitioners16%
Remote heart failure monitoring37%
 Vital signs remote monitoring21%
 Telephone monitoring32%
 Monitoring through dedicated devices16%
Telemedicine rehabilitation
 After heart surgery16%
 After heart failure11%
Other forms of monitoring
 ICD/CRT-D monitoring42%
 Reimbursed by national healthcare system69%
 Paid by the patient25%
 State funding17%
 European Union funding17%
 Private funding11%
 No funding50%