Table 1

Study and campaign characteristics of all mass-media and personalised interventions

Key reference, total number of references, countryStudy, size (no. of sites)Inclusion diagnosisData collection material (time period)Primary outcome sourceFollow-up periodMethod of exposureIntervention durationTarget
Study detailsIntervention
Bray et al,19 1, AustraliaOutcome
ACSI, MR (07-Nov/2013, 02-Apr/2014)Patient8 mMass media; small media; community; internet5/2013 - 8/2013, 4 mGeneral public
Tummala and Farshid,20 1, AustraliaOutcome
AMIS, MR (Nov/2011- Jul/2012)Medical recordnoneMass media; small media; internet2008–2012 4 yGeneral public
Thuresson et al,21 1 SwedenPrestudy/poststudy b: n=116
a: n=122
ACSQ, MR, R (2002–2005, 2006–2009),n/r3 yMass media; small media; community2005 1 yGeneral public
Mooney et al,30 3, IrelandRCT*, control: n=972/137 intervention, n=972/177 (5)ACSQ (Oct/2007- Nov/2010)Patient2 yMotivational interview40 minPatients admitted to ED with suspected ACS
Pereira et al,22 1, PortugalPrestudy/poststudy b: n=201
d: n=196
STEMIS (05-Jun/2011, 2012)n/r1 yMass media; small media; community; internet2011–2012 1 yGeneral public
Naegeli et al,23 2, SwitzerlandPrestudy/poststudy b: n=5006
a: n=3900
(60; one registry)
ACSQ, R (2005–2006, 2007–2008)n/r2 yMass media (only tv); small media; community; internet1/2007–3/2007 9/2007- 01-11-2007 4 mGeneral public
Diercks et al,26 1, USAPrestudy/poststudy n=125 161
(>800; two registries)
NSTEMIMR (2002–2003, 2004–2005, 2006–2007)Medical record1 yMass media; small media; community; internet2002-ongoingWomen aged 40–60 years
Dracup et al,29 7, USA, Australia, New ZealandRCT*, control, n=1745/260
intervention, n=1777/305
(n/r, >6)
IHDQ, MR (Mar/2010- Mar/2011)Medical record2 yMotivational interview40 minPatients admitted to CCU, cardiac rehabilitation, to physician practices
Blank and Smithline,24 2, USARCT* control, n=253/52
intervention, n=247/45
Chest painQ (12 m)Hospital staff1 yEducational video5 minPatients admitted to ED with chest pain
Luepker et al,11 9, USARCT* control, n=2175/9801
intervention, n=2876/10 563
CHDS, MR (Sep/1995- Mar/1996, Apr/1996-Aug/1997)PatientNoneMass media; small media; community4/1995- 9/1997, 18 mGeneral public, patients at risk, health professionals
Meischke et al,31 1, USARCT control, n=1343/790, intervention, n=4101/2469
(16; in one registry)
Suspect AMIMR (registries) (Dec/1991-Dec/1993)Medical record1 yMass media direct mail; emotional, informative, social and control10/1991-01-11-1991 2 m 1991–1992 12 mGeneral public households with members >50 years
Gaspoz et al, 14 (1), SwitzerlandPrestudy/poststudy b: n=1100
d: n=1295
AMI/unstable anginaI, several MR (12 m prior/12 m during)n/rNoneMass media, small media, community1992–1993, 1 yGeneral public (+leaflets for senior citizens)
Blohm et al,15 6, SwedenPrestudy/poststudy b: n=779
d: n=525
a: n=1256
AMIS, MR (Feb/1986-Oct/1987, Nov/1987-Dec/1988, Jan/1989-Dec/1991)Patient3 yMass media (only radio and newspaper), small media, community1992–1993, 1 yGeneral public
Bett et al32 1, AustraliaPrestudy/poststudy b: n=556
a: n=253
Chest painS (1988, 1989p 1989a)Patient4 wMass media, small media, community1989 1 wGeneral public
Moses et al27 1, USA27Prestudy/poststudy b: n=500
a1: n=668
a2: n=625
AMI, angina chest painMR (during the campaign, 24 m)Medical recordNoneMass media, small media, community2 yGeneral public
Ho et al,28 1, USAPrestudy/poststudy b: n=401
a: n=489
AMII (telephone), MR (Oct/1986-Feb/1987, Apr/1987-Aug/1987)Medical record4.5 mMass media2/1987- 4/1987, 2 mGeneral public >35 years
Mitic and Perkins33, 1, CanadaPrestudy/poststudy b: n=101
d: n=329
a: n=41
AMIMR (4 w prior, 4 w during and 1 w after)Hospital staff3 mMass media, small media,2 mGeneral public
Black and Brown, 1, USA25Prestudy/poststudy
b: n=95
a: n=75
AMIS (Apr/1967-Aug/1970, Sep/1970-Aug/1971)Hospital staff1 yCommunity (public ‘heart speaker')1970 12 mGeneral public
  • *Sample size calculation performed.

  • a, after; ACS, acute coronary syndrome; AMI, acute myocardial infarction; b, before; CHD, cardiac heart disease; d, during; ED, emergency department ; I, interview; IHD, ischaemic heart disease; m, month; MR, medical records or hospital/patient charts; n/r, not reported; NSTEMI, non-ST-elevation myocardial infarction; Q, questionnaire; R, registry; RCT, randomised controlled trial; S, survey; STEMI, ST-elevation myocardial infarction; w, week; y, year.