Table 2

Linear regression analyses for the association of smoking status with RV systolic function assessed by tricuspid annular peak systolic velocity (RVS')

UnivariateModel 1
βSEP valueβSEP value
Smoking status
Never (ref.)Ref.Ref.Ref.Ref.Ref.Ref.
  • β=coefficient; model 1: adjusted for age, sex, race, years of education, body mass index, systolic blood pressure, use of antihypertensive medication, total cholesterol, high-density lipoprotein cholesterol, use of lipid-lowering medication, forced expiratory volume in one second, left ventricular ejection fraction, pulsed-Doppler derived mitral E-wave/tissue-Doppler derived left ventricular lateral e’ ratio and coronary artery calcium score.

  • ref., reference; RV, right ventricular; RVS', right ventricular peak systolic velocity.