Table 3

Clinical and echocardiographic differences between participants with new discovered atrial fibrillation and those without (n=93)

AF (28)Non-AF (65)P value
Female, n (%)15 (55.6)34 (52)ns
NT-proBNP level, median (Q1–Q3)1284.5 (1015–2000)1178 (989.5–1531)ns
Hypertension, n (%)21 (75)48 (37.9)ns
Diabetes mellitus, n (%)6 (21.4)15 (23.1)ns
Vascular disease, n (%)4 (4.3)15 (16.1)ns
Glomerular filtration rate, median (Q1–Q3)65 (50–77)62 (44–73)ns
Body mass index, median (Q1–Q3)24.7 (23.6–27.9)25.2 (22.4–27.5)ns
Left atrial volume index, mL/m2 (2*), median (Q1–Q3)44 (35.00–50.20)34 (29.00–41.50)0.002
Left ventricular mass (13*), median (Q1–Q3)96 (72.00–123.00)96 (83.00–137.00)ns
E/é ratio (21*), median (Q1–Q3)13 (9.2–14.30)11 (9.00–14.00)ns
Pulmonary artery pressure mm Hg, median (Q1–Q3)38 (30.00–41.00)32 (26.00–36.00)0.025
  • *Missing data (inadequate echocardiographic view).

  • é, average peak early diastolic tissue velocity; AF, atrial fibrillation; E, mitral peak velocity; NT-proBNP, N-terminal pro-B-type natriuretic peptide; Q1, first quartile; Q3, third quartile.