Table 3

Lesion assessment based on OCT measurements after stent/scaffold implantation and after postdilatation

OCT-based measurementNCB cohort
SCB cohort
P value
After stent implantation
 Distal reference luminal area (mm)6.21±2.476.43±1.970.67
 Proximal reference luminal area (mm2)8.07±2.778.04±2.050.97
 Mean stent area (mm2)6.66±1.886.73±1.740.74
 In-stent minimal luminal diameter (mm)2.47±0.402.37±0.320.03
 Stent expansion index*0.88±0.130.85±0.140.19
 Stent expansion index <0.827 %42 %0.14
After postdilatation
 Average stent area (mm2)7.35±2.157.38±1.930.99
 In-stent minimal luminal diameter (mm)2.57±0.422.47±0.330.08
 Stent expansion index0.94±0.130.88±0.130.02
 Stent expansion index <0.815 %25 %0.18
  • *The stent expansion index calculation bases on OCT measurements and is defined as the minimum stent/scaffold area divided by average reference lumen area (distal reference area+proximal reference area/2).

  • NCB, non-compliant balloon; OCT, optical coherence tomography; SCB, semi-compliant balloon.