Table 2

Unit costs of resources related to the intervention, hospital and general practitioner services

Unit cost (2018-€)
 Risk assessment46
 Telephone consultation16
 Outpatient consultation48
 Hospital bed day274
 ICU-bed day1369
 Procedures performed during readmissions
  Pericardiocentesis, parasternal approach129
  Pericardiocentesis, subxiphoid, surgical10 752
Emergency visits137
Outpatient procedures/consultations
 Pericardiocentesis, parasternal approach344
 Heart failure consultations
  Consultation with nurse35
  Consultation with cardiologist66
 Arrhythmia consultations
  Consultation with nurse27
  Consultation with cardiologist61
 Unspecified cardiology consultations
  Consultation with nurse35
  Consultation with cardiologist61
 Cardiac Surgery consultations61
Consultations with general practitioner†
 Direct/in-person, normal opening hours18
 Telephone, normal opening hours4
 Out-of-hours contacts, all19
  • *Based on hourly salary and multiplied with actual time used.

  • †Other costs related to the consultations are calculated for each patient and added to the analyses.

  • ICU, intensive care unit.