Table 1

Resource use per patient in the intervention

The risk assessment groups of the interventionTotal intervention
High risk
Intermediate risk
Low risk
Staff time to risk assessment (minutes)*, mean (SD)
 Nurse41.3 (5.1)*
 Cardiologist5.1 (1.9)*
 Secretary10 (0.5)*
Telephone consultations, mean (SD)
Average number of consultations
 Initiated by nurse1.3 (1.3)1.3 (1.0)1.1 (0.9)1.3 (1.1)
 Initiated by the patient0.6 (1.1)0.4 (0.7)0.6 (1.4)0.5 (1.0)
Duration of consultations, all (minutes)*†13.3 (3.7)*
Nurse outpatient consultation, mean (SD)
 Average number of consultations, per patient2.5 (1.8)‡1.9 (1.2)1.3 (1.3)‡2.1 (1.5)
 Duration of consultations, all (minutes)*30.2 (3.6)*
  • *The duration was recorded in minutes for the first 50 patients.

  • †Duration (minutes) of telephone consultations initiated by patients was not registered separately (but assumed to be equal to telephone consultations initiated by nurses).

  • ‡Denotes statistically significant difference from intermediate-risk group ascertained by t-test.