Table 1

Patient characteristics

Demographic and clinical variablesRepaired CoA, n=61NoCoA, n=84P value
Time gap between CMR scans4.6±1.5 (range: 1.3–7.7)3.0±1.9 (range: 0.3–7.7)<0.001***
Mean age at baseline34±13 (range: 13–60)42±17 (range: 15–73)0.006**
Mean age at last follow-up38±13 (range: 18–64)45±17 (range: 17–77)0.02*
Malesn=36, 59%n=62, 74%0.06
ReCoAn=33, 54%N/A
Moderate/severe reCoAn=12, 36%N/A
Valve type 0n=4, 7%n=11, 13%0.01*
Valve type 1, RL fusionn=51, 84%n=52, 62%
Valve type 1, RN fusionn=3, 5%n=15, 18%
Moderate/severe aortic stenosisn=3, 5%n=26, 31%<0.001***
Moderate/severe aortic regurgitationn=4, 7%n=19, 22%0.009**
Hypertensive patientsn=26, 43% (22 under medication, three no medication and one unknown)n=32, 38% (30 are under medication and two unknowns)0.5
Type of CoA repair
  • End-to-end (n=33)

  • Subclavian flap (n=9)

  • Patch (n=7)

  • Stent (n=3)

  • Interposition graft (n=2)

  • CMR, cardiovascular magnetic resonance; CoA, coarctation; reCoA, re-coarctation; RL, right coronary and left coronary; RN, right non-coronary.