Table 2

Analysis of epilepsy in relation to time of long QT syndrome (LQTS) diagnosis (index)

LQTSControlsP valueFlow chart of
LQTS patients with epilepsy
Anytime;Epilepsy316.7371.6<0.001Embedded Image
Preindex; Epilepsy275.8241.0<0.001
Preindex; Antiepileptics173.7210.9<0.001
Dismissed†; Epilepsy204.3231.0<0.001
Dismissed; Antiepileptics40.970.30.079
Acquired*; Epilepsy40.9130.60.446
Acquired; Antiepileptics30.630.10.028
Postindex; Epilepsy112.4140.6<0.001
Postindex; Antiepileptics163.5170.7<0.001
  • *Dismissed: only before index, not after.

  • †Acquired: not before index, only after.