Table 2


HRCI (lower)CI (upper)P value
Primary composite outcome
 Age and sex adjusted0.9690.9071.0360.359
 Multivariable, imputed0.9780.9141.0450.508
 Multivariable, complete case0.9750.8961.060.554
All-cause mortality
 Age and sex adjusted1.1550.9871.3520.072
 Multivariable, imputed1.1460.9791.3420.09
 Multivariable, complete case1.170.9541.4340.132
New revascularisation
 Age and sex adjusted0.9370.8621.0180.123
 Multivariable, imputed0.9410.8661.0230.154
 Multivariable, complete case0.9260.8351.0280.148
Heart failure hospitalisation
 Age and sex adjusted0.9120.8001.0390.167
 Multivariable, imputed0.9150.8021.0430.183
 Multivariable, complete case0.9730.8261.1470.745
  • The first model is unadjusted, the second model adjusted for age and sex and the third model is the full multivariable model. The multivariable models are shown both pooled from analyses on the multiply imputed dataset and complete case only dataset.