Table 2


AllnhVTICMP value
Primary outcome*13 (28)9 (38)3 (19)0.205
Secondary outcomes
 Cardiovascular hospitalisation10 (21)5 (21)5 (31)0.456
 Death2 (4)02 (13)0.076
 Recurrent VT/shock19 (40)9 (38)7 (44)0.693
 VT storm†4 (17)3 (19)
 Appropriate shocks‡1 (2)1 (6)
  • Values reported as frequency (%).

  • *The primary outcome for nhVT was a composite of all-cause death, cardiovascular hospitalisation and recurrent VT, defined as sustained VT or PVC burden >10%. For shVT the primary outcome was a composite of arrhythmic death, VT storm (≥3 VT episodes in 24 hours) and appropriate shocks.

  • †Reported as a percentage of patients with SHD.

  • ‡Reported as a percentage of patients with ICDs.

  • ICDs, implantable cardioverter defibrillators; ICM, ischaemic cardiomyopathy; nhVT, normal heart VT; PVC, premature ventricular contraction; SHD, structural heart disease; shVT, structural heart VT; VT, ventricular tachycardia.