Table 4

Comparison of different parameters in computational flow dynamics (CFD) patients with and without CT-AVA≤1

ParameterConsistent grading
Inconsistent grading (n=23)P value
AVCS, median (IQR)3381 (2843–5000)2004 (1710–2793)0.001
CFD-AVA, cm2, ±SD0.7±0.21.2±0.2<0.001
CFD-Vmax±SD (m/s)7.2±2.35.7±1.30.01
CFD peak PG, mm Hg, ±SD206±136106±540.002
CFD LVOT/AV velocity ratio (95% CI)0.11 (0.09 to 0.17)0.20 (0.16 to 0.23)<0.001
CFD-AV orifice velocity profile ratio, median (IQR)1.26 (1.16–1.45)1.24 (1.17–1.37)0.63
CFD-AV orifice velocity profile ratio≥1.2 (%)14 (61)16 (70)0.53
LVOT Qmax, cm3/s, mean±SD414±103552±1570.001
LVOT Qmax≥450 (%)8 (35)19 (83)0.01
Both CFD-AV orifice velocity ratio≥1.2 and LVOT Flow rate≥450 (%)5 (22)14 (61)0.007
  • AV, arotic valve; AVA, AV area; AVCS, AV calcium score; LVOT, left ventricular outflow tract; PG, pressure gradient; Qmax, maximum flow rate; Vmax, maximum flow velocity.