Table 1

Overall and per inhabitant costs per saved cardiovascular events according to randomised trials and drug costs (Apulia region, South-Eastern Italy)

EndpointARRNNTCost per saved event per year, € (millions)Cost per saved event per year per inhabitant, €Saved events with €1 per inhabitant per year
 All-cause death0.61632.10.512.0
 Death, MI, stroke1.6640.80.205.0
LDL baseline levels >100 mg/dL
 Death, MI, stroke3.4290.40.0910.9
 All-cause death1.7600.80.195.3
 CV death, MI, stroke2500.50.128.3
Multivessel coronary disease
 CV death, MI, stroke3.4290.30.0714.2
  • *Death from CV causes, non-fatal MI, unstable angina requiring hospitalisation, an ischaemia-driven coronary revascularisation procedure or non-fatal ischaemic stroke.

  • †Cardiovascular death, MI, stroke, hospitalisation for unstable angina, coronary revascularisation.

  • ARR, absolute risk reduction; CV, cardiovascular; FOURIER, Further Cardiovascular Outcomes Research with PCSK9 Inhibition in Subjects with Elevated Risk; LDL, low-density lipoprotein; MACE, major adverse CV event; MI, myocardial infarction; NNT, number needed to treat; ODYSSEY OUTCOMES, Evaluation of Cardiovascular Outcomes After an Acute Coronary Syndrome During Treatment With Alirocumab.