Table 3

Reasons of non-adherence among non-adherent patients

ReasonPatients (N=219)
Forgetfulness of any type186 (84.9)
Forgetfulness when travelling26 (11.9)
Worry that their medicines will do more harm than good74 (33.8)
Hassled about medicines41 (18.7)
Stopped medicine(s) after feeling worse on medicine*31 (14.2)
Not convinced enough about the importance of their medicines20 (9.1)
Stopped medicine(s) after feeling condition under control5 (2.3)
Felt financially burdened by cost of medicines†11 (29.7)
  • All data are n (%). Possible reasons for non-adherence were assessed based on responses to MMAS-8, SQ and AE. Patients could have more than one reason for non-adherence.

  • *Without telling doctor.

  • †Among 37 patients who were paying for their prescription(s).

  • AE, Adherence Estimator;MMAS-8, eight-item Morisky Medication Adherence Scale;SQ, Single Question.